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Flower booster


The flower booster has been developed by Dutch Green LEDlights at the end of 2009. This flower booster has been integrated in the professional LED growlight, LED Spectra unit SPECIAL in the beginning of 2010. The LED Spectra unit SPECIAL contains the 3 watt LED's in the complete unique spectrum resulting in extreme fruits. When developing the LFG spectrabox professional the choice has been made to make the LED panel switchable in 3 stages. The flower spectrum, called the switchable Flower Booster exclusively contains red LED, infrared LED and colortemperatures for flowering. The switchable grow spectrum do no only contain multi blue, utra violet LED and colortemperatures for growing but also some flower color temperatured. This gives the best result. The LFG spectrabox professional offers, thanks to the 3 switches the possibility to experiment with growing with LED.

Next list of comparisation with traditional HPS is to make it easier to choose the right LED growlight. The experienced grower, will have a bete result with less watt's. By using different LED's, our spectraboxes use less watts then they produce. This makes an energysaving upto 40% possible. Check the technical info'

LFG spectrabox professional 90 watt - 150 watt HPS
LFG spectrabox professional 150 watt - 250 watt HPS
LFG spectrabox professional 350 watt - 500 watt HPS
LFG spectrabox professional 600 watt - 850 watt HPS
LFG spectrabox professional 1200 watt - 1500 watt HPS

The result with LED is approximately 20% - 30% higher, while de power consumpion will be upto 40% less when comparing to traditional lighting. You won't be surprised that hundreds of happy customers grow by using the products of Dutch Green LEDlights.