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LFG spectrabox (professional)

In 2008 Dutch Green LEDlights developed the LFG spectrabox. Worldwide it is the first LED growlight that makes the plant really flower. Till then mostly growing results were realized with LED growlights, but no flowering. Flowering was only to be realized for a very selective amount of plants. The LFG spectrabox has showed to be able to bring flowering to many different kinds of plants.

LFG spectrabox professional

In the beginning of 2010 the LFG spectrabox professional has been developed. This LFG spectrabox - pro is available in different strengths to fit everybody's needs. 90 watt, 150 watt, 240 watt, 350 watt, 600 watt, 700 watt & 1200 watt. De LFG spectrabox professional is a basic led growlight, that can be offered at very competitive prices. For the grower it is possible to use this unit for different moments in the growing proces. For germinating seeds, only using the left or rights side will do, with the blue color stimulating the growth. There has been a little red added to simulate the nature. For the growing perios both the left and the right side can be switched on, that generates a powerfull grow spectrum. During the flowering period you switch on the Flower booster. This flower booster has a flowering spectrum that, when mixed with the lef or right side grow spectrum, simulates the sun. This results in the great flowering results, high results are no exception.

The LFG Spectrabox professional has been compounded out of 5 colors and 3 color temperatures. The colors used remained unchanged. IR (infrared) & UV (ultra violet) have been included.

LFG spectrabox professional II

The latest generation of the original European registrated LFG spectrabox now comes provided with SSP and SCP. SSP technology secures an individual signal to each and every single LED mounted in the unit and an optimal functionality. SCP stabilizes the power supplied to the LED mounted in the unit. By using SCP and in event of any power-peak, the LED unit will keep functioning and no partial disfunction will occur. The LFG spectrabox II got 2 switches mounted. 1 for the growing spectrum and 1 for the flowering spectrum (the flower booster)

GROW SPECTRUM: It's important that the grow spectrum is equally shared over the total spectrum to result in maximum yield. The original LFG spectrabox has got 3 grow lines, mounted with multi-grow LED. The grow spectrum is needed for optimal development of seedlings and clones.

FLOWER BOOSTER / Flower SPECTRUM: The flower spectrum of the LFG spectrabox is realized by using the unique multi-flower LED including infrared and is also equally shared over the total spectrum of the unit. After the growing period you should switch on the flower booster. This is how you save extra on energy. An extra switch to switch o nor of fan extra line of flower led is free, but will result in unwanted energy loss.

GROWING & FLOWERING SPECTRUM When both switches are switched on you are using the complete spectrum. A purple light will cover your vegs or fruits optimal and will bring you incredible yield.

De LFG spectrabox professional II is available in 150 watt / 250 watt / 350 watt / 600 watt / 750 watt / 1200 watt


The LFG spectrabox is available through the selling points of Dutch green growlights.
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Private label

Dutch Green growlights offers to companies that want their own "private label" to order a led growlight, if wanted with personalized LED spectrum, in specific color and with your own brand name printed on the units. Minimum order size is 50 units per unit-type. Please contact us for further information.

Dutch Green LEDlights has registered the LFG spectrabox in Europe : EEC nummer: 009171125

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